Kimberly Briggs, NDWC member, models for Spring Fling! benefit fashion show at Bloomingdale’s.

Founded in 1968, the New Dominion Women’s Club (NDWC) was named Outstanding Non-profit Organization of the Year in 2004 and Volunteers of the Year in 2013 by the Greater McLean Chamber of

Commerce. “We are fundraisers; we help raise money for nonprofit organizations,” said Kitty Gonzalez, the vice president of communications for NDWC this year. “It is all volunteers and we have a lot of fun.”

They raise funds to support four nonprofit organizations every year. “Most of our focus is on Mclean and surrounding areas. Every year, we choose four beneficiaries, which we all vote on as a club. We have a list of guidelines if someone would like to submit an organization to be a beneficiary. We raise funds throughout the year and give a portion of our funds at the end of the year to each organization, so we split the check four ways.”

Funds are raised through different events, including a spring fashion show (NDWC’s largest fundraiser), wine tasting evening, Arts Night Out and more. Members are also encouraged to join in other activities and social events, such as the monthly meetings that are generally held the third Thursday of each month. Membership is open to all.

Effie Alkorak , the personal shopping manager at Bloomingdale’s, shares how they got involved with New Dominion: “11 years ago,[the founders of NDWC] came over to me and I knew them. They wanted to start this fashion show and we used to have them a lot outside; we used to go to different restaurants, so the last couple of years, we decided to do it inside the store, which is great because you are here and you can shop afterward.”

If you want to know the trends this season, “the number one color is yellow and also pink; there are a lot of ruffles, a lot of flower prints and pastel colors this year,” Alkorak said. “I have been doing personal shopping for the last 30 years and as you said many people still do not know about this service. It is free of charge; we usually work with appointments; they come over and I have everything ready and believe it or not people usually say ‘Should I come so you can see me?’ And I really do not have to see you. By asking a few questions, I will know exactly what to get for you!”

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