About Us

Founded in 1965, the Fairfax County Times continues to deliver award-winning editorial content, credibility, and county-wide circulation. With a weekly circulation of 100,000 newspapers and 200,000 e-Editions, the Times gets into more homes than any other weekly newspaper in Northern Virginia, covering the most relevant topics – Government, Schools, Crime, Sports, Entertainment, People – local news our Fairfax County readers care most about.

The Fairfax County Times is part of Whip It Media. Whip It Media is a multi media corporation and leader in the advertising and marketing industry. Falling under its umbrella are The Fairfax Times, The Washington Suburban Press Network, and digital agency; Media Prowler. With its well established family of publications and digital component, Whip it Media is vested in offering innovative ways of reaching local and national audiences.

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