Pickle Latkes

Fried Pickle Latkes

Hannukah, the Jewish festival of lights, starts this year on December 10*. Typical traditions include lighting the menorah and spinning a dreidel—but twenty-two years ago some Jewish families started a new Channukah tradition—eating pickles!

It started at the Hillel at San Diego State University in 1998 when students and faculty organized a Kosher Pickle Taste Test. The Daily Aztec, the school’s newspaper, misreported the event as being a core part of Channukah.

As a result, those who participated in the taste test have made it a tradition to eat pickles on Channukah and spread the tradition to friends and family.

“My kids love it, and pickles are one of the few vegetables that they actually eat, so the tradition is good for that purpose too,” said Falls Church father of three Sean Foreman. 

One way to enjoy pickles with your Channukah meal this year is to try WhatJewWannaEat.com’s Fried Pickle Latkes recipe, a delicious mix of the traditional potato pancake enjoyed at Channkauh with the added treat of a pickle in the middle. Find the recipe here: https://whatjewwannaeat.com/fried-pickle-latkes-with-everything-bagel-ranch/?fbclid=IwAR0XG2vLUlQEC2a8hO805HyfRqrpadzxW3_Odzpl6vTJpM81lbjSqn9IQPo.

You can even support local businesses that make their own pickles like Fresh Crunch Pickles in Falls Church, Number One Sons

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