Described as a “hidden surprise”, Cafe o’Clock serves bubble tea, smoothies, coffee, baked goods and more.

Yelp user Young K. stated “Amazing hidden cafe in the heart of Fairfax! I used to come here to

grab a sandwich from the deli but it became a very cozy coffee shop. Coffee shop would be understating the quality of the food here. My wife and I grabbed two cubbop with bulgogi and spicy pork. Both were succulent! The meat was perfectly cooked, tender with the sweet marinate that made it perfect with the Mayo sauce on it. The rice has some sauce in it as well that makes it very juicy. Every bite was a delight. I also had the jollybong shake and it was the perfect dessert. The crunch from the jollypong and the sweet shake was fantastic! Note- the cupbop are perfect size for lunch but also for a nice early dinner after work. The take out isconvenient so perfect during this pandemic. Highly recommend!!”

The cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating, as well as to-go orders. You can also use services like GrubHub or Seamless to try their menu!

The cafe opened in September at 9860 Main St. Fairfax VA 22031.

“At first I couldn’t find it and I thought that I had the wrong address or that it closed, said Yelp reviewer Sarah C. “I decided to call & I was told I was in the right place but they haven’t put up their sign outside yet! He told me just walk through the passage and it’s on the left hand side. I walked through and there it was, this little chic Cafe! There are a lot of interesting things on the menu that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. For example, there is a cereal drink that looks delicious! I had the hot chocolate & it’s tasty! The manager is so nice & friendly! Outside in front of the cafe is a little Asian garden with a gazebo & benches to sit on. I sat there and it’s so peaceful & relaxing! We are encouraged to support small businesses! Please support this one since it just opened!”

During the pandemic, a time when staying in business has been difficult for so many, Cafe o’Clock has been able to establish itself within the community as a high quality, friendly environment.

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