Tess Rowan, a sophomore at Langley High School, was only five years old when she started acting, dancing, and singing. Now, ten years later she has taken on writing and directing as well.

“I’ve always loved writing. I had my work recognized for the first time at the Stagedoor Manor Dramafest for my play Mr. Stranger. I hadn’t done too much writing on the stage, but there I was able to direct and edit it.” 

The winning work is a ten-minute play and was performed by student actors and stage managers along with four other winning productions. 

In addition to her recognition at the Stagedoor Manor Dramafest, she was also named a featured playwright in the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center Young Playwright Festival for her play Break My Bones.

Her current project, Static, revolves around a young girl whose mother disappears when the family is hiking the Appalachian trail. It is a musical set in Duncannon, Pennsylvania. Static is “a full-scale musical with an original plot, characters, score, and script.”

“Theater has been my whole life,” she said. “It’s always been my happy place. It’s really neat getting to create my own world, using my love for dancing to come up with ideas for choreography, writing the music, and putting it into the show. I’ve always written on the side. Static has developed during this time during which I can't be on stage.”

Like all members of the theater community, Rowan has been impacted by the COVID restrictions, but she’s not letting that stop her from pursuing her passion. She starred as M’Lynne in a Zoom production of Steel Magnolias this summer. She also created an online platform for static in June, where she posts updates on her progress with the show, videos of her original songs, and insight into her inspiration for the show. Rowan says the account is “an online community where people could watch the musical development. People who would be in the audience can find a place to meet online.”

When Static can be performed safely, Rowan plans to direct and act in the show. More information about the production, including how supporters can help fund it, can be found at http:/linktr.ee/staticmusical

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