AUGUST 26, 1998 – JULY 15, 2021

Zoey Abigail Patrick, age 22, of Reston, Virginia passed away on Thursday, July 15, 2021. Zoey was born August 26, 1998 in Fort Myers, Florida.

Zoey was an outstanding sister, daughter, granddaughter, and friend. Despite suffering through mental illness and treatments for ten years, she brightened many lives with laughter, cheerfulness, and boundless love. 

As a child Zoey was often singing, dancing, and performing. She enjoyed music and participated in the performing arts including chorus. Zoey made friends often, laughed easily, and was creative and imaginative. 

As an adult Zoey continued her interest in music and art. She wrote and performed songs with her many friends in Reston, VA, Richmond, VA and Fort Myers, FL. Zoey was bold, outspoken, and a true friend to those closest to her. 

Zoey regularly volunteered helping those experiencing homelessness with meals. She also picked up stray pets to help them overcome fear and get cleaned up for new homes. Zoey participated in the historic Black Lives Matter protests in Richmond, VA and cared deeply about this cause. 

Zoey generously served as an organ donor. Though only 3 in 1000 deaths happen in a manner that permits organ donation, hers did. Multiple families are miraculously given gifts of life, mobility, sight, and freedom from dialysis in the days following such a death. Zoey's family is proud of her generosity and how she impacted so many lives as an organ donor. 

Donations in honor of Zoey are being made to the ACLU, the ASPCA, The Innocence Project and similar organizations promoting equity and kindness. 

Zoey's ashes are placed in the Gulf of Mexico due west of the pier at Fort Myers Beach, FL. To visit her, walk to the end of the pier and admire the sunset. As a kid this beach was a special place for Zoey. She would collect objects washed ashore and create temporary art in the sand. Zoey promised her mom she would always remember the beauty of this place near where she was born. 

Zoey's family held a private memorial service in Delaplane, VA where her family traditions included cutting the annual Christmas tree at a friend's farm in the area, lunch at The Apple House restaurant, a "haul" of shopping at Dinosaurland, and apple-picking at Stribling Orchard. Zoey always wanted to move to the country. She admired the views, open space, and peace. 

Friends and acquaintances are sharing memories and photos on Zoey's Facebook page.

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