Singer Sarah Borges burst onto the music scene in 2005, leading her band, Broken Singles, to quick critical success. Although she was known more as a rocker in those early days, Borges transitioned closer to a country sound, creating a fun hybrid of alt-country rock with her recordings.

Her “Love’s Middle Name” album and “Good and Dirty” EP are prime examples of Borges’ incredible skill for penning emotional lyrics, and the singer continues to mature musically with every album.

Borges and the Broken Singles will play at Jammin Java December 1, featuring D.C.-based Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, her longtime producer who was a founding member of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. 

“He’s on guitar, which always makes for a good show,” Borges said. “We’ll trade songs back and forth. I’ll sing a number of my songs, and some that he wrote.”

Also in her band on the night will be Keith Voegele of the Bottle Rockets on bass and Kenny Soule on drums. 

“The show will be a mix of my records with some covers,” Borges said. “There will also be some new songs from the record I have coming out early next year.” 

She’s thrilled to be back on stage, especially after such a depressing 20 months. It started when she contracted COVID-19 early on, which only made losing out on performances that much harder. 

But Borges stayed productive, writing and recording that new album, which is slated to be out next February. 

“We’re in the finishing stages now,” she said. “I would write a song at home, then send off to Roscoe, and he would send me a drum track, and I would play my guitar along to that. I’d do a lot of singing in my closet because I didn’t have a vocal booth at the studio.”

The mood of the new songs were definitely influenced by the world around her. So, it wasn’t just the way she recorded that was different, but the subject matter as well.

“Probably more than half of the record aren’t love songs, and that’s the first time I haven’t done that consciously,” Borges said. “There are a couple of songs on there that really were about how I was feeling the first few months of lockdown. When you spend that much time alone, you do get introspective and maybe stretch your brain in ways you hadn’t before. When we look back in a few years, we’ll know this was a pandemic-era record.”

Like most parents, she also homeschooled her child last year, which she called “equally as hard” as making a record. 

After 15 months off, Borges returned to the stage in September, and noted it’s a totally new landscape, and she’s trying to navigate the minefield of opposing views around the country.

“We love it when a club lays it out for you out front, requiring masks and proof of vaccination, so we’re happy with Jammin Java and its efforts to keep everyone safe,” Borges said. “The club has always treated us great, and I just love playing there.” 

Borges knew early on she wanted to perform, doing chorus and drama club in school. As a shy only-child, she found it a great outlet for expressing herself. 

“When it got to be the time to go to college, indie-rock was really big at the time, and it made you feel that anyone could be in a band, myself included,” she said. “I started going for it when I was about 17 and just kept going. It’s helped me become more confident and grow as a person outside of playing on stage.”

Once she switched to her more Americana style of music, Borges landed a record deal, and her career has included an Americana Music Award nomination, multiple Boston Music Awards, and song credits on TV shows such as “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Night Shift.”

Come February, right after her new album is released, Borges will be part of The Outlaw Country Cruise, alongside notable acts like Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell and Steve Earle & The Dukes. 

“Then I’ll be headed out on tour,” Borges said. “I’m happy we have some new stuff to play, because some of our stuff is going on 20 years now, and we’re all looking forward to introducing people to this new music.” 

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