From left to right: (front): Megan Giles, Emily Baucom, Caroline Heyerdahl (background): Jack Furman, Kaylee Wisner
"Nothing's more amazing than a musical," including West Springfield High School's production of "Something Rotten!"

"Something Rotten!", which made its Broadway debut at the St. James Theatre on April 22, 2015, is a hilarious musical that pokes fun at the world of Broadway and Shakespeare. With a book by John O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick and music and lyrics by Karey Kirkpatrick and Wayne Kirkpatrick, it follows the Bottom brothers, Nick and Nigel, in the 1590s as they strive to write a hit play that will outdo the Bard himself. Along the way, they encounter a flamboyant, rock-star-like Shakespeare, a Puritan named Brother Jeremiah, and soothsayer Nostradamus who predicts the future of theatre, all leading up to a musical that is anything but rotten! 

West Springfield High School gave a truly unforgettable performance. It was a stunning display of talent and artistry and showed impressive skill and dedication in every aspect of the production. The show was packed with talented musicians and performers, and the energy they brought to the stage was infectious. Additionally, the costumes were excellent, transporting the audience to another time and immersing them in the world of the show.

Nick Brunson's portrayal of Nick Bottom was grounded and charming. Brunson showed remarkable physical and vocal versatility with his ability to balance the complexities of a character like Nick. His ability to portray both a larger-than-life showman and a vulnerable, struggling writer was as exciting as it was impressive. 

Nick Frazier perfectly captured the endearing, love-stricken Nigel. His soft, melodious tone and cheerful persona formed a strong and heartfelt bond with his fellow cast members and the audience.

Maddie Orchard shone with effervescent delight as Portia. Her quirky-yet-lovable personality and lighthearted, shimmering vocals in the impassioned duet "I Love the Way" were dazzling and enchanting to witness. 

Christopher Seeger's interpretation of the boisterous Nostradamus was thoroughly entertaining and woefully unapologetic. In the musical number "A Musical", Seeger's booming vocals, impressive tap sequence, and impeccable comedic timing made for a captivating and thrilling performance. 

Another notable aspect of this production was its ensemble's commitment, skill, and ability to tackle the various characters, styles of dance, and meticulous harmonies required in this production. Whether it was members of Shakespeare's fan club or tap-dancing eggs, the ensemble never failed to entertain.

Last but certainly not least, the masterfully-crafted costumes and detailed projections added life and flare to this production. The Rotten Costume Crew's ability to not only hand-make several period-accurate outfits but also innovatively fabricate egg and omelet costumes and successfully execute a seven-second costume change captured both the essence of the time period and the talents of the Rotten Costume Crew. 

Additionally, the inventive usage of projections to differentiate locations illuminated the stage and the skills of Zachary Kearny, Christopher Seeger, and Meredith Turcotte. 

West Springfield High School's production of Something Rotten was amusing, artful, and absolutely eggcellent.

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