Lady Parts

Scene from “We Are Lady Parts”

“We Are Lady Parts”-- Occasionally you find a show with a plot that’s both ridiculously silly AND socially relevant. This time, that plot revolves around a group of four Muslim women who start a punk band and need their first gig ... and a lead guitarist. As expected, shenanigans begin with guitarist auditions, until the perfect musician joins this sisterhood of hash anthems sour girl power. The band and the series are about representation and being heard, but this show is absolutely a comedy, and a lot of the jokes are at that perfect level of humor and uncomfortableness. It’s the show you didn’t realize you needed right now. (Peacock)

“Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean” -- Before Doc Brown turned one into a time machine in “Back to the Future,” the DeLorean sports car was the brainchild of a brilliant automotive engineer. Driven, greedy and larger than life, John DeLorean left the big-name car manufacturers and set out on his own to create a legendary driving machine, and he was not above using lies and deceit to reach his goal. Through interviews with his family, former co-workers and industry insiders, plus extensive media clips, this three-part docuseries follows the rise and fall of the creator of a 1980s icon. (Netflix)

“Lost in Oz, Season 1” -- An Amazon Studios original 3D animated children’s series, “Lost in Oz” is a modernized take on the adventures of Dorothy Gale II and her pup, Toto, as they try to find their way home from Oz (and other locales where they find themselves stuck). Much more action-driven than the 1939 “Oz” movie, this updated continuation also adds some new friends to Dorothy’s gang. Though geared toward kids, the series is really fun to watch, with highly detailed scenery, and is smart enough to keep adults engaged, too. (Prime Video)

“Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” (R) -- This week’s in-case-you-missed-it must-watch movie is full of ‘90s fashion, best-friend hijinks and choreographed dance routines. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow star as Romy and Michele, high-school best friends taking a road trip to their graduating class’s 10-year reunion. Intent on appearing successful, they concoct life stories that they hope will finally make them cool to the popular crowd. But in a predictable twist, the popular crowd has its own lies to share. The hysterical supporting cast includes Janeane Garofalo, Camryn Manheim and Alan Cumming as fellow classmates who prove that no one’s life is what others assume it to be. (Hulu)

“Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog, Season 1” -- A new series by long-time NatGeo fixture Cesar Millan arrives just in time for all those folks who adopted puppies during the pandemic, and who now realize they skipped the training period of dog ownership. The dog whisperer’s current offering again involves home visits to desperate dog owners who don’t know what else to do with their misbehaving mutts. Millan’s ultimate goal is creating calm and confident pet parents who discover tranquility through training. (Disney+)

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