Kandy Muse as Cindy Brady

“Dragging the Classics: The Brady Bunch” -- When producers randomly pull actor names and potential situations out of a hat and mash them together, here is the result. Three original cast members of the classic 1970s sitcom teamed up with drag queens from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to precisely re-create a “Brady Bunch” episode. Yes, it’s corny. Yes, the actors are long in the tooth to be playing teenagers, and their acting is a little stiff. But for lifelong “Bunch” fans, this is guilty pleasure. Costumes are accurate, set design is perfect, and drag queens Kylie Sonique Love and Kandy Muse provide hilarious yet sincere perspectives to playing Jan and Cindy Brady. (Paramount+)

“The Artist” (PG-13) -- New this week to Hulu’s current offerings is the 2012 Academy Award-winner for Best Picture. Starring Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo, this French comedy-drama is a tribute to the magic of the silent-film era of Hollywood. Set from 1927-1932, the plot revolves around an older silent-film star who has a chance meeting with an up-and-coming starlet whose career he then helps propel. Filmed in black-and-white, and largely silent except for the musical score, “The Artist” also won Oscars for costume design and original score. It is a throwback to an almost forgotten style of movie, and a welcome change from the modern. (Hulu)

“Fresh Fried and Crispy” -- Food critic Daym Drops visits eight cities across the U.S. to highlight unique and decadent fried foods. Focusing less on the recipes and more on the final dishes, the show uses a lot of slow-motion effects and up-close camera angles to draw out the indulgence of that first incredible bite. It’s so visually enticing, you’ll find yourself desperately craving a mile-high Maryland blue crab sandwich or a San Diego-style cast iron-fried ribeye steak. (Netflix)

“Jolt” (R)– There’s something very satisfying about watching a female character with a rage “problem” act on her impulses against overbearing and generally annoying men. In “Jolt,” Kate Beckinsale stars as Lindy, a bouncer with a neurological affliction that affects her impulse control. Self-administered electric shocks help to maintain her temper, until tragedy hits. When her love interest in murdered, Lindy is the prime suspect and must deal with the detectives trying to nail her for the crime (Bobby Cannavale and Laverne Cox), while simultaneously hunting for the real killer. An Amazon Studios original, the cast is rounded out with Susan Sarandon and the man who makes every movie better, Stanley Tucci. (Prime Video)

“Critter Country Vets” (Season 2) -- The popularity of animal-focused shows continues in this docuseries based in rural Georgia. Friends since childhood, Dr. Terrence Ferguson and Dr. Bernard Hodges own and operate two Critter Fixer vet clinics, whose motto is “We Treat ‘Em All.” So don’t expect the usual cat-fight injuries or dogs that ate the car keys. These docs tend to everything from an alligator with a lung infection to a lethargic chinchilla, without ever losing their sense of humor or love for the job. (Disney+)

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