"In the Heights"

Scene from "In the Heights"

"In the Heights" (PG-13) -- If you pick just one movie to see in 2021, this much-anticipated musical is THE highlight of summer films. Its high-energy music-and-dance numbers tell stories of love, family, community and dreams in the predominantly Dominican New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights. With music and lyrics written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (of "Hamilton" fame), every number is impassioned and exuberant. Brooklyn native and Broadway star Anthony Ramos is dreamy in the lead role of Usnavi, but the real delight of this movie is the relatability of the stories across cultures. This is a new generation of musical, and it is spectacular. (Theaters and HBO Max)

"Good on Paper" (R) -- For those who like best-friend shenanigans, "Good on Paper" is a familiar story that speaks to any woman who's ever second-guessed a new love interest. Main character Andrea Singer, played by comedian and writer Iliza Schlesinger, meets a nice, smart, charming, nerdy guy, Dennis. They date. He says the right things. He's funny. Seems nice. Something must be wrong with him, right? Enter Andrea's best friend Margot -- the always perfect Margaret Cho -- who plants the seeds of doubt and then helps investigate who Dennis really is. Ryan Hansen smoothly portrays the boyfriend in question, keeping audiences guessing if he is legit or just another smooth talker. (Netflix)

"Rebel Hearts" (NR) -- This 2021 Sundance Film Festival documentary tells the story of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles in the 1960s. Labeled "blasphemous" and "uppity," these nuns chose to become unlikely social activists pushing for equality and modernism within an organization based on antiquated, sexist norms. Attending freedom marches and placing themselves in harm's way for justice, they ignite much criticism from the church and risk their own livelihoods in the process. But their continued legacy of selfless servitude is inspiring to both Catholics and non-religious viewers alike. (Theaters and discovery+)

"PJ Masks Season 4" (G) -- The children's animated series continues following the adventures of 6-year-old nighttime superheroes Amaya, Connor and Greg. Their magic pajamas provide both identity protection and superpowers as they defend their fair city as Owlette, Gekko and Catboy. Hidden messages are tucked into every episode, teaching things like patience and forgiveness, but your preschooler will love it nonetheless. (Disney+)

"False Positive" (R) -- Happy couple Lucy and Adrian want to start a family, but realize they'll need medical help to make this happen. When a famous fertility specialist works his magic and Lucy finally becomes pregnant, it seems everything is falling into place. But when Lucy begins seeing unusual things, she becomes ever more suspicious of both her doctor and her husband. This lighthearted romantic story quickly transforms into a horror flick where nothing is as it seems. Is it just pregnancy hormones giving Lucy "mom brain," or is something much more sinister at play? Justin Theroux and Ilana Glazer star as the couple, with Pierce Brosnan as their questionable doctor. (Hulu)

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