Q: I’ve always been fascinated with the “Lost City of Atlantis.” Wasn’t there a TV show back in the 1960s about it? My daughter thinks I’m remembering the show for kids with the frog people and dinosaurs, but I’ve assured her that’s not it! -- H.B.

A: This question is bringing back such great childhood memories. The Sleestaks were big-eyed humanoids featured in “Land of the Lost,” a Saturday morning children’s show produced by Sid and Marty Krofft. It debuted in 1974 and starred Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman (the blond girl with Cindy Brady pigtails) and Spencer Milligan. 

Tell your daughter that the show you fondly remember is “Man From Atlantis.” It ran from 1977-78 and starred Patrick Duffy (who later played Bobby Ewing on “Dallas”) as the shirtless sole survivor of that legendary lost island.

You might be interested in a new documentary that just premiered on the Discovery Channel. “Hunting Atlantis,” with expert Stel Pavlou and volcanologist Jess Phoenix, takes you on a journey across the world testing the theory that the Lost City of Atlantis is not as ancient as once believed. Their fascinating exploits take them to the Black Sea, a mysterious Greek island and unexplored archeological sites along Croatia.

Q: When will the new season of “The Witcher” be on Netflix? I’m assuming there’s going to be a second season since it was so darn good. -- T.A.

A: You’re in luck -- the sophomore season of “The Witcher,” starring Henry Cavill and his long blond tresses, will premiere Dec. 21. Just as in the first, the second installment will feature just eight episodes about monster hunter Geralt of Rivia (Cavill), sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and princess Ciri (Freya Allan). The plot will be based mostly on the third novel in The Witcher Saga titled “Blood of Elves,” by author Andrzej Sapkowski. 

“The Witcher” isn’t just limited to one series. There’s a popular video game series, an upcoming anime feature film, a prequel series and the global virtual celebration called WitcherCon (visit WitcherCon.com). 

Q: Whatever happened to the much-younger woman that Jerry Seinfeld dated at the height of his sitcom fame? I forgot her name, but I believe she designed swimsuits? -- R.R.

A: In the early 1990s, 38-year-old comedian Jerry Seinfeld met 17-year-old Shoshanna Lonstein (now Shoshanna Gruss) in Central Park. They reportedly were just friends until Shoshanna turned 18 soon after. She says they eventually broke up because she was homesick and tired of being a tabloid target. 

In 1998, she debuted her fashion line with a focus on dresses and later added swimwear to her collection. She’s been extremely successful ever since. You can see for yourself at Shoshanna.com, which includes a list of stores that carry her womenswear.

As for her personal life, Shoshanna is now 46 and has three children with her ex-spouse, Joshua Gruss. Jerry, who has been married to his wife, Jessica, since 1999, also has three children.

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