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James Wolk in “Ordinary Joe”

Where have I seen the lead actor in the new NBC show “Ordinary Joe”? Did he used to be on “ER”? -- J.G.

A: James Wolk has been acting in Hollywood for about 15 years. A lot of hope was riding on him as the next big thing when he played a con man in the Fox drama “Lone Star,” but it was canceled after just two episodes. He’s since rebounded nicely with recurring roles like Bob Benson on “Mad Men,” Jeff Clayton on “Goliath,” Joe Keene on “Watchmen” and three versions of the title character in “Ordinary Joe.” He really gets to stretch his wings with this one as Joe becomes a police officer, a nurse and a singer in three separate timelines.

Q: My wife and I are huge Jesse Stone movie fans, and even more so, fans of Officer “Suitcase,” played by actor Kohl Sudduth. Can you share what you know about Mr. Sudduth and if he has done other movies or shows? I was a police officer for 38 years and told my wife that me and “Suitcase” would have been great partners on patrol. -- Paul

A: Officer Luther “Suitcase” Simpson was created by author Robert B. Parker in his Jesse Stone series of novels that were subsequently adapted into movies on CBS and Hallmark. In “Night Passage,” one of the early Jesse Stone films, Stone (Tom Selleck) called Simpson “Suitcase” after the 1940s baseball player Harry “Suitcase” Simpson. Stone had no particular reason for assigning the officer the nickname other than it seemed to fit him.

As for actor Kohl Sudduth, he started out with small roles in motion pictures like “Illuminata” and “Rounders,” with Matt Damon, and TV’s “Sex and the City,” but his big break came with a supporting role opposite Eddie Murphy in the movie “Bowfinger,” where he played an aspiring actor. He also was a regular on the WB network show “Grosse Pointe,” which ran from 2000 to 2001, and he even guest starred on Selleck’s current TV hit, “Blue Bloods.”

There have been nine Jesse Stone telefilms, and in looking through Tom Selleck’s filmography on IMDb.com, it appears there’s another one in the pre-production stages. Hopefully this will include Officer “Suitcase,” so keep an eye out for a new Jesse Stone movie in the coming years.Send me your questions at NewCelebrityExtra@gmail.com, or write me at KFWS, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.

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