Witness Neil Goldberg’s film production debut, “Pomp, Snow &  CIRQUEumstance”


Following the second major year of the Coronavirus pandemic, live entertainment begins to see the light of day once again. However, for many military families, in-person entertainment can still be just as difficult to find as it can be to produce in the post-Covid world.

Nevertheless, the pandemic had little effect in the way of creativity and, as someone with a strong passion for live performance, author Neil Goldberg spent his time in quarantine writing his latest storybook, “Pomp, Snow, and CIRQUEumstance”.

In the interest of improving entertainment options for service members and their families, Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) reached out to Goldberg in the interest of holding a virtual narration of the book, but Goldberg had a better idea.

Given his personal passion for the arts, as well as his own experience working with AFE, Goldberg offered instead to produce a half-hour special of the same name in order to provide the families of service members something more to find joy in this holiday season.“Being able to give back and bring smiles to people’s faces has been the common denominator of so much of what I’ve done throughout my career,” Goldberg said.

Designed to inspire and excite younger audiences about the values of humility and hard work, the film follows the story of three best friends as they face the challenges of failure and insecurity while working hard to succeed in school. 

In producing the film, it was important to Goldberg to ensure high quality. Working to create a sense of fantasy and dreaminess, the film presents the three characters, Pomp, Snow, and Cirqueumstance, with colorful outfits and styles bringing the magic from the pages of the book to the colors of the screen.

Additionally, having his own studio space in Florida allowed Goldberg to produce much of the film in-house, paying special attention to the details of stage direction and placement when relating to at-home audiences.

When designing the layout of the show, Goldberg wanted to ensure a quality viewing experience allowing for elements of the book to blend into the film.“The live performance aspect happened 20 feet in front of the LED screen, so that the perspective of the characters from the animated pages of the storybook and the film would be in line with each other,” he said.

Prior to the film’s release, Goldberg also worked with the AFE in order to ship multiple boxes with copies of the book to military bases around the world. This provided young audiences with an even more special experience in which they can read the book before watching the film in order to gain a stronger understanding of its plot and the message it shares.

As a film designed to inspire young audiences and bring families together, “Pomp, Snow, and Cirqueumstance” provides an excellent reminder of what is important in life, as well as to persevere when times get tough.

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