Fairfax nonprofit, ArtsFairfax, announced new officers and three new members to its Board of Directors.

New Board officers who will serve two-year terms. Scott Cryer, associate vice president and principal at HGA, is appointed as ArtsFairfax Board chair; he succeeds Shelly Hazel who remains on the Board. Other officers include Julie Carter, president, Carter Consulting Group, as vice chair; Upen Patel, senior vice president, The Federal Savings Bank, as secretary; and Amy Ginn, CPA, audit manager, Burdette Smith & Bish, as treasurer.

“I’m thrilled to serve ArtsFairfax and guide the nonprofit as we look to growing our reach to the Fairfax community with greater impact through an access and equity lens,” says Cryer, ArtsFairfax Board chair. “Shelly Hazel led us with so much grace and generosity during her three-year tenure, a time of great challenges for all. I’m so grateful to her and look forward to building on what she accomplished.”

New to the Board

Three new community leaders also join the ArtsFairfax Board, adding to the nonprofit leadership’s diverse set of skills and expertise. Skip Chaples, president of Music for Life, brings both business acumen and outstanding leadership in music and art education; Peggy Fox, four-time TV news Emmy winner and Dominion Energy’s Northern Virginia spokesperson, brings media and community relations expertise; and Lynn Tadlock, formerly of the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation and the Fairfax County Park Authority, brings extensive knowledge on nonprofit funding and leadership.

“ArtsFairfax is poised for growth and that is exemplified by this extraordinary roster of leadership. Together with our staff, the ArtsFairfax Board of Directors is committed to serving the entire Fairfax community with arts information services, opportunities, and resources needed to enhance the cultural landscape of Fairfax County,” says Linda Sullivan, ArtsFairfax president & CEO.

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