Dear Editor, 

Virginia needs clean money and cheap clean energy--not “big money” and favors owed. 

In 2013, candidate Terry McAuliffe ran for governor on “climate action,” but after accepting contributions from Dominion and Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), he enthusiastically pushed two hyper-sized fracked gas pipelines to cross Virginia. 

Fast-forward: McAuliffe’s first term’s “job-creating, energy superhighway” is a cancelled ACP and an MVP that will spew “nearly 1% of USA net emissions”--helping sink Virginia’s Tidewater, fuel California’s wildfires and heat the planet--undercutting his own and President Biden’s decarbonizing plans.

McAuliffe’s MVP saddled our commonwealth with unneeded and outdated fracked gas infrastructure that burdens Virginia for decades, restrains green-job creation, destabilizes and scars our mountains forever, raises rates and, if pressurized, threatens massive explosions across our karst-ridden landscape—including I-81 and a Norfolk Southern railroad.

Conceived in McAuliffe’s secret deals that sold the right to pollute and destroy Virginia’s natural and historic treasures, MVP was more than a reckless gamble or theft of breathtaking enormity. It was a conscious designation of sacrifice zones to large swaths of Virginia.

“Terry for Virginia” wants another term. Maintaining his silence on MVP, McAuliffe moves on--dodging responsibility and hyping his new “Big and Bold” campaign theme, demonstrating the privilege and high cost of “big money.” What favors would be owed in a second McAuliffe term? 

Remember: Terry plays and Virginia pays.

Cynthia Munley

Salem, VA

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