When Nellie Williams, a gifted education teacher at Haycock elementary school, heard that she would be teaching online for an indefinite amount of time, she knew that she needed a new environment in which to teach.

She had been teaching in a vendor tent in the spring, needing an environment outside of the house.

“As you can imagine, having everyone working from home has its drawbacks and the thought of having my own space and being able to ‘go to work’ sounded pretty awesome at the time,” said Williams.

Instead of moving her desk to the basement or living room for an easy change of scenery, her mind drifted towards her daughters’ unused treehouse, at the suggestion of a friend. It hadn’t been used since her daughters, 16 and 19 were younger. She would need to replace the rope latter with stairs, lay down new flooring, and the treehouse lacked Wi-Fi, insulation, and electricity. Nellie and her husband Geoff made it their summer project and the finished product was ready in time for the first day of school.

“It seemed far-fetched at first. The next day we went to Home Depot to think it through and the rest is history.

In addition to providing Williams a new environment to teach, her students have enjoyed watching her teach from her treehouse, especially when her pets come to visit.

“I think anyone that has the opportunity to create their own space, especially a unique one, should absolutely go for it,” she said. “Being able to work in my treehouse has made my year!”

Williams says her favorite things about the treehouse are being able to work alongside her husband for the past seven months and having a personally curated space.

“We created such a cozy space that really feels like it is mine- ballet slipper pink walls, a desk that I assembled myself and my pets even join me on nice days – pretty darn cool.”

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