The Town of Vienna is providing $1 million in CARES Act funding to Fairfax County’s RISE (Relief Initiative to Support Employers) grant program specifically to support Vienna businesses. Applications for the now $26 million small business and nonprofit relief grant program will be accepted June 8-15. Businesses may verify eligibility and sign up for email notification when applications open at

While the $1 million being provided by the Town of Vienna is designated specifically for Town businesses only, Vienna businesses also will be eligible for funding through the county grant program beyond the Town’s contribution.

“Fairfax County has the infrastructure already in place to execute a grant program for businesses,” said Economic Development Manager Natalie Monkou. “The Town had considered doing a grant program on our own, but we don’t currently have all of the pieces of the puzzle. The county already has all of those pieces in place and makes for a great partner. This partnership provides the business community with more immediate access to grant funding.”

Monkou also noted that a minimum of 30 percent of total RISE funding will be awarded to women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses.

“When we did a business survey a few weeks ago,” Monkou says, “one of the main things we heard was that businesses need access to capital, and that can be even more true for veteran-, minority-, and women-owned businesses. The CARES Act allows us to provide this important assistance to our small businesses.”

The grant program will be administered by the Community Business Partnership.

Small businesses with at least one full-time employee and fewer than 50 total full-time employees and one or more locations, including the principal place of business, in Fairfax County and the towns of Vienna, Clifton, and Herndon are eligible. Businesses must have been in operation for at least one year and, with the exception of nonprofits, have a valid Business, Professional and Occupational License.

“Please apply,” Monkou encouraged Vienna businesses. “We want to assist our businesses, who are such an important part of our community. The best news is that this is grant funding and doesn't have to be repaid."

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