The idea of writing a hand-written letter might be foreign to kids these days, but there are still many skills children can learn from writing letters to their friends, family and loved ones. Writing a hand-written letter can help kids confirm the importance of a relationship, speak to older friends and relatives in a cherished medium and can give them a chance to show off their handwriting skills. 

Here are a few ways you can get your kids interested in hand-written letters, according to MetroParent.com:

1. Preschool letter writers: Letters don’t have to be made up of words. Your writers-in-training can create picture notes to pass along to grandparents or friends. When it comes to sending the picture letter, keep your explanation of addresses and stamps basic.

2. Early elementary school writers: Most first-, second- and third-graders should be able to write basic letters. Help your child understand that a letter is a personalized note often sent to show the receiver that you care. So a letter begins with a “To” or “Dear’”statement, then the message, and ends with a closing remark, like “Yours Truly,” or “Love,” then the sender’s name. Building on the simple explanation of addressing the envelope, early elementary school-aged children should be able to understand that an address is made up of specific information about where a person lives, including the street and the state.

3. Upper elementary school writers: Now that your child understands general letter writing skills, help him or her write longer and more descriptive messages. Talk together about what he or she could write in his or her letter. Make a letter writing template for kids to learn how to address the envelope. Write out all of the address information exactly as it should appear on the envelope on a separate sheet of paper (that includes the proper placement).

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