The Madison Warhawks and the Oakton Cougars faced off at Madison High School October 8, where the Warhawks drubbed the Cougars 46-0. The game between the two hometown rivals is known as the Vienna Inn Bowl. Both teams vie for the Vienna Inn trophy, named for a local longtime Vienna establishment, which trades hands between victories. As of game night, the trophy had resided with Madison since 2016. 

It was homecoming night for the Warhawks, whose dominance quickly became evident. After rapidly picking up two first downs, Madison ran the ball for a touchdown, soaring into the lead halfway through the first quarter. As the Warhawks lined up for an extra point attempt, two back-to-back defensive fouls by the Cougars prompted the Warhawks to exploit their opponents’ lack of discipline. Madison successfully went for a two-point conversion, making the score 8-0. 

Oakton’s first drive looked promising, especially after a big third down pass picked up a fresh set of downs. But Madison’s defense was firing on all cylinders, consistently applying pressure on Oakton quarterback Nick Toole. After a botched snap set them back, the Warhawks finished off the Cougars with a sack on third down, forcing Oakton to punt with just over a minute remaining in the first quarter.

A touchdown by the Warhawks three minutes into the second quarter for a score of 15-0 foreshadowed a steadily strengthening offense. After denying the Cougars a first down, the Warhawks regained the ball but were held to a field goal, increasing their lead to 18-0. Oakton’s next drive went nowhere, allowing Madison running back Alex Jreige to carry the ball down the field and eventually into the endzone for a score of 25-0. 

Unlike Toole, Madison quarterback Connor Barry had plenty of time in the pocket, giving him space to connect with Warhawks wide receiver Darren Knicely for a huge gain that brought Madison just short of the goal line later in the second quarter. With 27 seconds remaining in the first half, Barry walked the ball in for a score of 32-0. 

Expecting defeat, some Oakton students started to make their way to the parking lot during halftime. Others who stuck around, like sophomores Ansel Morrill and Bianka Korzun, said that the energy of the game was enough to make them stay put. “We’re probably going to lose, but Oakton’s fan base is one of the strongest around,” Morrill said. “You never know when we could get a comeback,” Korzun added, as Morrill reasoned “it’s not over until it’s over.” 

On the other side of the field, Madison seniors Kiera Kohler, Andrew Gorkowski, and Kevin Wilson said that it was an ideal last homecoming game. “It could not feel better,” Kohler said, emphasizing that “I’ve never seen a student section this big.” Two years had passed since the last meeting of the rivals, making it a “really amazing feeling to be back with all my friends for senior year. It’s a big thing,” Gorkowski said. “The whole school is here supporting the team. It’s a great environment,” Wilson said. 

Madison kicked off to start the second half, their ironclad defense still going strong. On the Warhawks’ 43-yard line, a blitz put Toole under pressure, forcing him to throw a pass that was picked off by Madison defensive back Jamin Moore. Moore then fumbled the ball and Oakton recovered it, reviving their drive. It still was not enough to overcome the Warhawks’ defense: on third down, Toole was sacked again, this time by Madison linebacker Jakob Green.

On Madison’s next drive, a besieged Oakton defense could barely hold the Warhawks off thanks in large part to Jreige, who carried the ball a total of 20 times for more than 140 yards and three touchdowns. With just under five minutes remaining in the third quarter, Madison scored another touchdown for a score of 39-0.

At the top of the fourth, Toole was sacked again, ending another Oakton drive. By this time, Madison’s comfortable lead enabled second-string players to hit the field, but the Warhawks were not done yet. Madison backup quarterback Mac Lewis launched a 23-yard touchdown pass caught by wide receiver Daniel Jacobs, scoring the Warhawks final points for a score of 46-0 with just over 9 minutes remaining in the fourth.

An Oakton drive once again went nowhere. Madison’s next drive then ended in a punt, but it turned out to be a painful denouement for the Cougars. Instead of having one last chance to score before the end of the game, referees determined that Madison’s punt had bounced off an Oakton player and was recovered by Madison, allowing the Warhawks to run the clock out. 

After the game, Madison Head Coach Justin Counts lauded the Warhawks’ run game and robust defense. “Our bread and butter is Alex Jreige running the football,” Counts said. “We have a good run game and we play good defense,” he added. “We try to be relentless on the defensive end and I think we did that tonight.” 

Meanwhile, the Warhawks continued to linger on their home field, grinning widely with the Vienna Inn trophy they had earned for the fifth season in a row.

Here’s the roundup of other games from week seven. 

Woodson at South County

The Woodson Cavaliers were routed by the South County Stallions 62-0. South County is 6-0 and Woodson is 2-4.

Langley at Washington-Liberty 

The Washington-Liberty Generals earned their first win of the season against the Langley Saxons, who have yet to come out on top. The final score was 38-22. Langley is 0-6 and Washington-Liberty is 1-5. 

McLean at Wakefield 

The McLean Highlanders fell to the Wakefield Warriors, who picked up an early lead that was maintained throughout the game. The final score was 29-16. McLean is 1-6 and Wakefield is 3-4. 

Centreville at Chantilly 

The Centreville Wildcats defeated the Chantilly Chargers. The Wildcats were boosted by running back Isaiah Ragaland, who carried the ball for more than 200 yards. The final score was 21-7, making Centreville 5-1 and Chantilly 4-2. 

Falls Church at Edison 

The Falls Church Jaguars continued a disappointing losing streak after being beaten by the Edison Eagles 20-10. The Jaguars are 0-5 and the Eagles are 2-5. 

Westfield at South Lakes 

The South Lakes Seahawks narrowly held off the Westfield Bulldogs in a nail-biting game that ended 20-19. Both teams are 3-3.

Thomas Jefferson at Lewis 

The Thomas Jefferson Colonials were bested by the Lewis Lancers in a close match that ended 21-14. The Colonials are 4-2 and the Lancers are 1-5. 

Mount Vernon at Annandale 

The Mount Vernon Majors triumphed over the Annandale Atoms, rising to 2-0 in the National District following their earlier win in the season against Lewis. The final score was 47-12. The Majors are 3-4 and the Atoms are 1-6.

Alexandria City at Lake Braddock 

The Lake Braddock Bruins successfully defended their home turf against the Alexandria City Titans. The final score was 21-6, with the Titans sole touchdown coming from a keeper by quarterback Ninoah Miguel, who shed a blitz for a 20-yard run. The Titans are 4-2 and the Bruins are 5-1.

Herndon at Yorktown 

The Herndon Hornets were dispatched by the Yorktown Patriots 34-21. Herndon is 0-5 and Yorktown is 4-3. 

Hayfield at Justice 

The Hayfield Hawks lost their away game to the Justice Wolves, who prevailed 40-27. The Hawks are 1-5 and the Wolves are 2-4.

Fairfax at West Potomac

The Fairfax Lions took care of the West Potomac Wolverines, coasting to a 34-14 win. Fairfax is 6-0 and West Potomac is 4-2. 

Robinson at West Springfield 

In a battle between the two undefeated teams, the Robinson Rams extended their undefeated streak October 7 after beating the West Springfield Spartans 44-29. The Rams are 6-0 and the Spartans are 5-1. 

Marshall had a bye week. The Statesmen are 3-3.

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