Field Hockey

The Annandale Varsity Girl’s field hockey team recently took the district title over Justice with a final score of 2-0. It was Annandale’s first district title in field hockey since 2015. 

In her first year as head coach, Corin Uviedo, led the team to a championship win and reflected on the season as it wraps. 

“We had one common goal,” Uviedo said. “Working hard and teamwork worked in our favor this year.” 

Before becoming the coach, Uviedo was an Annandale alum and field hockey player for the Atoms before going to college to continue in the sport. She returned to Annandale to help the girl’s field hockey team. 

Uviedo filled in a role as the head coach replacing a long-time legend in the Annandale field hockey community, Cindy Hook, who was a coach for her during her time as an athlete. Hook asked Uviedo to become the next head coach for the team. 

“I have a strong sense of hold towards my community,” Uviedo said. “I went back to help my high school coach who coached for 43 years.”  

After Hook asked her to take over the team, it was a different experience for Uviedo as she transitioned from playing the sport to becoming the coach. 

“I enjoyed my time as a player,” she said. “I now love hanging out with my team to play for fun or competitively.” 

With Uviedo’s return, the Atoms cruised through the district with a 6-0 record as the first seed. All of the coaches involved in the team are Annandale alumni or teach at the high school and it was an extraordinary experience for them to pick up the win for their district. 

“It was fun seeing them all play together,” Uviedo said. “I was excited for the team and how they earned their win, it wasn’t our prettiest game but the team dug it out and got it done.” 

Annandale had its own struggles against opposing teams like Justice and Mount Vernon who have challenged them. It didn’t stop Uviedo and the Atoms from leading the team to a win. During the championship game, hard work and teamwork led them to beat Justice to capture the title. 

“We wanted to push each other but have fun,” Uviedo said. “We call it hard fun because we like to work hard in order to get to the emotion of having fun.” 

The bar was set high as Uviedo has a great passion for the sport of field hockey. “The team knows that I live and breathe hockey,” Uviedo said. “We set the bar high for ourselves.” 

Despite losing the regionals to Robinson, the team has their heads high for next season as new talent comes in. 

“Only time will tell, we will have to see how it goes,” Uviedo said. 

For next season, there is always room for the team to grow and the coaches’ goal is to continue spreading their message to motivate the team. 

“We want kids here to learn field hockey,” Uviedo said. “We want to grow, it doesn’t matter what school a kid comes from, bring them out because we want them to learn how to play.”

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