Dear Editor, 

I have two children. One in college, one in high school. My children have often told me, growing up in FCPS is not easy. There are many pressures to be well rounded and great at sports, music and academically. There are normal challenges navigating social dynamics from making new friends as a kindergartener to pressures as a teenager. Before COVID, I’d seen kids struggle with anxiety, I knew many kids battling eating disorders, and our own high school was impacted by suicides. 

FCPS wants to introduce a curriculum designed to divide and label our kids into categories, label them inferior because they were born a certain color and coax them into denouncing a presumed bias. This on top of normal pressures. This is cruel, it is racist, and it ignores how everyone is unique. I can’t imagine a more terrible idea!

This divisive curriculum resembles the tactics of dangerous dictators. If you are the wrong color, you are labeled a racist for simply being born. My family fled Hitler and the devastation of people because of how they looked. Yet FCPS shuts down parents who question these teachings which is totalitarianism. FCPS puts shiny labels on this curriculum to make parents question their own beliefs and feel bad for questioning it which is Marxism. FCPS’ anti-bias education is dangerous. There is history for this type of indoctrination. If FCPS actually taught history, they would know the predictable outcome. This is disturbing and has no business being in our schools!

Kim Putens

Alexandria, VA

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Hi there. I felt the need to offer an opposing view to your comment. I too am a mother about to join FCPS with my rising kindergartener. I celebrate with great joy the opportunity for my white son to learn the truth about our country’s past and how race and racism were constructs created at our country’s birth to oppress one group of people for the benefit of others. That original sin has ripple effects today and can still be seen all around us in how black and brown friends and neighbors suffer disproportionate opportunity and outcomes in everything education and justice to healthcare and banking. Not taking about it doesn’t make it go away. By dismissing and ignoring the role that race and racism has in today’s world and the history behind its creation, we are allowing it to fester and grow. The classes taught in school always include a worldview. It’s just that current curricula present the view of the white victors - not the perspectives of those Americans continuously marginalized and oppressed by racist policies, practices and beliefs. I truly welcome and am excited about the prospect for my white son to learn a more truthful and complete picture of the state and history of our country. Rather than shielding him from this truth, I believe strongly that this truth will ground him as a person and make him stronger, more resilient forward it. We do too much shielding of our children in my opinion and this proposal puts an end to some of that.

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