Amanda Cunningham, 29, didn’t always know she wanted to be a singer-songwriter. 

“Singing wasn’t something that we did in my family. I wasn’t encouraged or discouraged, and it kind of felt like it was silly. So I never pursued it.”

She went into marketing, and got her first desk job, which she found “kind of soul crushing.”

She decided to go back to school and went to Georgetown. There, she was asked during an icebreaker exercise what she wanted to be when she grew up as a child. 

“I said I wanted to be a singer when I grew up, and that it just never really happened. Another guy was sitting next to me--and it sounds like a lame --and he asked why I didn’t pursue it. I realized I never actually tried, so then I decided to start.”

She didn’t know where to start, so she tried to find a talent show for adults. After the competition, she decided to take voice lessons, and became increasingly serious about pursuing music. 

She went to the Signature Songwriting Circle Program, ran by celebrity vocal coach Cari Cole and began to develop her skills as a songwriter. As she did, she began exploring the truths of her life--like why she tended to fall into patterns of one sided friendships. She started collaborative writing with Miranda Glory, and this theme showed up. From there, Pattern was born. 

“Lyrically, it’s questioning the pattern of relationships ending after showing the more real side of yourself where you’re not always “fun” to be around, from questioning the people who left with “didn’t know I had to be on at all times like a light” to realizing it’s an ugly pattern in my life and asking myself “maybe I should look inside of me” to fix the real issue of seeking out unhealthy relationships. The song’s beauty is in being honest with yourself and reflecting with genuine lyrics and soulful vocals.”

She left her job to pursue music full time earlier this year, making a full commitment to her craft. She is releasing her next single, Go Back in March, and plans to release an EP in the summer. 

To other aspiring musicians, Cunningham says “Just start doing it. Because I wasted a lot of time thinking that like if I just had the skills people would find me. There’s no one way to do it.“

Visit to check out ‘Pattern’, as well as Amanda’s other work.

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