Whether for enjoyment or learning, reading regularly has a significant number of benefits. From mental stimulation to stress reduction to vocabulary expansion to memory improvement, reading is a great way to entertain yourself while you are cooped up inside during the winter months. Here are a few podcasts about trending books you should be reading or about deep dives into the classics.

You’re Booked


Journalist and host Daisy Buchanan gives book readers the chance to find out what is on the bookshelves of their favorite authors. Buchanan interviews her guests to discover the books that made an impact on them. Recent episodes include “Jeffrey Archer,” “Alex Wheatle” and “Louise O’Neill.”

Find it: https://play.acast.com/s/booked

Book Fight


Not only diving into the books they love, hosts Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister also dish on the books they hate. Ingram and McAllister discuss the latest happenings in literature, books, writing, reading and raccoons each week. Recent episodes include “Family Mysteries,” “Counting Crows” and “Earthquake!”

Find it: https://bookfightpod.com/

Simon Mayo’s Books Of The Year


Inviting some of the world’s most exciting authors in for a conversation about their latest books, presenter Simon Mayo talks with best-selling authors and authors from every genre. This weekly podcast has more than 100 episodes to choose from. Recent episodes include “Andrew Child & Lee Child (The Sentinel),” “Q&A with Ben MacIntyre” and “Q&A with Robert Harris (V2).”

Find it: https://play.acast.com/s/booksoftheyear

So Many Damn Books


With themed cocktails in hand, hosts Christopher Hermelin and Drew Broussard talk about reading, literature, publishing and a never-ending stack of things to read. Hermelin and Broussard also chat with well-known authors and drink cocktails of their own design. Recent episodes include “Backlist: Mark Z. Danielewski,” “Rumaan Alam & Lynn Steger Strong” and “The Morning News’ SUPER ROOSTER Predictions.”

Find it: https://www.somanydamnbooks.com/

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