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WOOFS! Moving is challenging for everyone involved, including dogs and cats. So last week, I started a series about moving with your dog and cat to provide you some points in managing your pets safely and happily. Barks! If you missed the article you can read it here

Barkingly, as you begin packing, it’s impawtant to introduce your dog to the boxes and packing supplies you’re using. Arf? A formal introduction isn’t necessary, woof, but place boxes in a room commonly used by your dog and allow him to sniff, becoming used to seeing them. Paws, don’t specifically draw attention to them. Be aware that scissors, knives, packaging labels, tape, and markers create curiosity and pawssible dangers. Woofingly, I enjoyed chewing on a roll of tape. Not good. Barks! 

It’s impawtant to do your bestest in keeping your dog’s routine and any exercise routines as normal as pawssible. I know preparing to move gets pawsitively crazy for humans, but taking time for your dog’s walk and pawlay time is crucial to their well-being. Paws, keep any favorite toys handy throughout the moving journey to keep your dog occupied. As pawed last week, if the moving becomes overwhelming, hire a dog walker to assist you in keeping the routine as normal as pawssible. 

Barkingly, if you are moving to a new pawlace not far from where you currently live, take your dog to the new neighborhood for an occasional walk. Paws, allow time to sniff the scents, listen to the sounds, read the local pee-mail and leave his own replies so that he will become known to his new canine neighbors. WOOFS! Barkingly, this will help changes and adjustments to be easier. Barking, for us, this wasn’t pawssible, so my human did his best not to change our routine when we moved. He took me on a walk through the neighborhood the day I arrived. I had to get used to walking my human on a gravel road without sidewalks which created some challenges. 

Before the movers arrive, paws, barkingly pawlan a safe place for your dog. For me, being a 1-year-old puppy, everything is new and a challenge. Sometimes I think humans coming in could be invading or causing harm, so I bark incessantly. I did that to a contractor working on a small project. He wasn’t happy, but my human understood me, so it was all good. Pawingly, my humans were concerned it could happen with the movers. Since we are moving an hour away, my safety couldn’t be monitored there while movers packed the old house. Barks, when the movers arrive at the new home, I could be barking again, adding stress to moving day. Woofs, my human decided to spoil me with a four-day vacation at the Paws Awhile Hotel near Warrenton. Oh, was it ever grand! I had days of playing with newfound friends, my favorite food, and pawlenty of attention by the pawsome humans who loved on me so much. Don’t tell my humans, but I didn’t want the vacation to end. Paws, my safe place at our old home was my crate, with my favorite toys and some treats. Once the moving day was finished, I came home to my crate, favorite toys, and treats. It was all the same, which pawsitively helped me to adjust to the changes. 

Woofing, when I arrived at the new home from my vacation, I was given a grand tour. Boxes and stuff everywhere- typical moving décor. I was shown my family room crate, and you should see the one in my Dad’s studio! Barkingly, my first night in the new house was terrifying. I wasn’t sure where I was and why I was here, and my humans seem far away. I decided to bark as nightfall began. Woofingly, Mom decided to sleep on the couch next to my crate to help ease my fear of being alone. 

If your dog tends to be anxious or upset in new situations or when changes happen, ask your Veterinarian for tips on taking care of your dog while moving. There are pawlenty of products that can help with anxiety or fear. 

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