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Woofs! Camping is a pawsome adventure with your human. I have been pawing a few articles about preparing to go camping and what to pack so you don’t overpack these past few weeks. Pawlease read our previous articles at Paws, this week, we share a few more tips for your camping adventure. 

Barkingly, as with most adventures when Noah and I get to go on, we select a few favorite stylin’ leashes and collars to take with us. Paws, most campgrounds require dogs to always be leashed, we bring a few extras as back-ups. Barks, you never know when a collar or leash might break or get disgustingly filthy so it’s good to have a change. Kind of like a change of clothing for humans, you know. Woofs. 

Paws, to occupy ourselves during our trip, Noah and I pack a few of our favorite toys. Since it’s pawssible we’ll get dirty at the campsite, our toys might too, so we leave our favorites, the stuffies, at home. We’ve got a few Kong Safestix’s made of durable materials, which are pawfect outdoor toys, among others too. 

In every dog’s life, even Noah and I, and paws every living thing, there comes a time when we must give “gifts” to society; it happens. With every trip we take, paws, we bring a stash of waste bags that our human uses to place our “gifts” and pawperly dispose of them. In the woods and campsites, it is no different, since we don’t have opposing thumbs, humans must clean up for us. Barks. 

Barks! Does your dog have to go out to do his “business” at night or in the middle of the night? Paws, sometimes when our schedule changes like on these adventures, Noah and I have to give “gifts” at the oddest times, like 2 a.m. Bring battery-operated lanterns, LED collars, flashlights, or headlamps that will help you to see at night. Noah was staying in a cabin in the West Virginia mountains when it became necessary to “step outside.” Though there was lighting in the area, it wasn’t enough, the LED flashlight came in handy. Woofs! 

Noah and I lived in an area where we occasionally would see some wildlife. Barkingly, now that we live in the country, we have the oppawtunity to see quite a bit. We’ve seen wild turkeys, horses, deer, and have learned black bears aren’t far. We get quite excited when we see these guys roaming around the backyard. Woofs! Dad has taught us a few commands to settle us down when we see them. How would your dog react to wildlife? Take time to determine what may happen and learn ways to control the situation. You’ll need to be constantly aware of nature, animals, and plants and be mindful of your surroundings. Paws, never allow your dog to drink from stagnant puddles, lakes, streams, or ponds. Blue-green algae could infect these. Woofs, it’s wise to research local plants and know how to identify a potentially poisonous plant before going for hikes or walks. Fido can bring poison ivy or other plants back to you, woof. 

Paws, inclement weather can be a challenge. Noah and I love the rain and getting as wet as we pawssibly can. Paws, pack rough weather gear such as raincoats and umbrellas to help “enjoy” those heavy rains. Paws, extra-large towels are pawsome for drying off your dog before going inside the tent. 

And, finally, paws, if you have never taken an adventure with your dog, take a practice trip before adventuring too far. Go for a road trip, making sure your pups enjoys riding in a vehicle. Some dogs don’t; others love it. Does your dog enjoy the outdoors? Spend time outside to determine their interest. Does your dog obey voice commands and do well on leash walks? Take a few long walks to train and teach voice commands. A backyard campout will give you a good idea about how your dog will behave. Keep your dog leashed the whole time. 

Remember to always keep your dog secure, pack their First Aid Kit, medications especially for allergies, and more treats than you think you will ever need.

Paws, have a barkingly grand camping adventure with your dog.

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