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Woofs! Last week I pawed an article about taking your dog camping and the preparations. Pawlease take time to read it at As we pawlan our first trip, we share some ideas for having a great time with you. What to pack without overdoing it? Woof... 

Paws, the first thing I want to pack is a tent. Barkingly, not one of those pup tents either. While they are great, they may be a bit small for my human and two Labrador retrievers. Woof! When looking to purchase a tent, consider one made of sturdy material. Paws, when considering tent size, count the humans and count each dog as one person. This will give you enough room to move around comfortably in the small area. Woofs. 

Bark! Since my claws tend to be a little sharp, especially on thin surfaces, I’m going to pack a few blankets to spread out on the floor of the tent. Not only will it help keep me from puncturing the bottom of Dad’s tent, paws, but it will help clean off any dirt, mud, grass which might track in from our outdoor adventures. Woofs, at the end of our trip, or even during it should the need arise, blankets make it easier for us to clean up the inside of the tent. Barks.

Pawingly, for Noah and me, we want the bestest-ever sleeping bag with the cuddliest fleece on a firm air mattress to keep us warm and cozy during the chilly nights - I wonder if they make portable heaters to keep dogs warm?! Paws, when looking for bedding for your dog, note its size, and look for a dog bed or sleeping bag made specifically for dogs. These tend to be more durable, water-resistant, and great for outdoor use. This way, you will not have to worry about them getting dirty or damaged during your trip. Woofs. There are sleeping pads to make the stay comfier, which can be rolled up into the size of a soda can that I shall bark to Dad to buy for us too. 

Our campsite will be a bit off the beaten path, but we will not have to hike very far. Dad’s planning to use a site where he can pull the car next to where we stay and unload. Pawever, if you are pawlanning to hike a distance, make paws to pack your dog’s backpack light and easy to carry. Pawingly, a long trip to a site somehow grows longer with a heavy backpack for you or your companion. Woofs! 

Woofs, at the campsite, since most of them require dogs to be leashed all the time, I am pawing Dad to consider using a zip line tied between two trees or secure, sturdy objects. Paws, this will provide Noah and me more room to play and run. Be sure to allow enough lead for the dogs to lay down too. Paws, if he leashes us to a picnic table, a tree, or some other secure object, it doesn’t give us much room, and we’ll likely always be under his feet. Barks, he will constantly be coming over to untangle our leashes too. Also, it will allow him to have free hands to do whatever he wants. Do research online about dog zip lines to learn about supplies needed and how to make one safely. 

Paws, an impawtant aspect of camping with your dog is their pawticipation in activities with you. Pawlan your trip with your dog with you at all times. Ruff, never leave your dog unattended at your campsite. Many campgrounds forbid it, and it’s not safe for your dog or others to do so. A human, mini-human, or even wildlife could disturb or even steal your dog while you are away. 

WOOFS! Noah and I want to eat our meals on camping trips too. To make it easier to pack and carry, we will put our food and treats in airtight bags or portable kibble carriers. Barkingly, the fancy-schmancy ceramic dishes Mom bought for us will stay home. Paw, we’ll use our collapsible plastic dishes for food and water so there’s no concern with breakage. 

Next week, camping with your dog, paw 3

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