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“HISS! HISS! Oh, here we go again!”

“What’s wrong, Samson? Bark!”

“HISS! Abby, it’s the New Year again. The antics around here with Dad trying to keep those revelations, er, uh, resolutions, but they’ll be revelations if he ever actually follows through with them. Purrs! At times it’s so funny all I can do is meow and meow some more!” 

“Uh oh Samson, this sounds serious! What have you heard Dad say?”

“HISS! HISS! So far, mostly the usual. He’s going to walk two miles a day. He’ll do some aerobics at the house, which is a new idea, something about using the hot tub for a workout, and some weird-looking stretchy bands he plays with. That will be funny to watch, but I’ve noticed he hasn’t been doing deep water aerobics lately, so those may replace it? Meows. Stay away from him when he brings the bands out to use. Purrs, we’ll get some laughs, Abby and Noah!

“Woofs, I know. I’ve been his dog for more than 10 years, he is funny. Years ago, he decided to start taking me for a walk, but it was only down to the corner and back. I was getting quite bored with that as I could go for miles, to say the least. I overheard him say he needed to watch his blood pressure, so I decided to pull him into walking a bit further. He did it but would come home so tired and needed a nap. It was too funny. Barkings, before long though he made me proud, we were walking about a mile. We recently walked 3.5 miles often but pawsitively needed a nap. We both did after that. Woofs! While he complained some about being sore at first, he said his blood pressure was better.”

“Noah, barks, I have been trying to keep Dad healthy by getting him to pawlay with me and my toys in the backyard. I am hoping this will help trim down that belly of his, and you know it is so embarrassing when his belly opens the door BEFORE we even arrive. I bark the other way to protect my dignity, you know. Paws, but I heard him say that he is losing some weight and pawlans to have a “hunk chest” by summer. That’ll be a bark, probably a woof too.”

“Meows, you two are doing a good job making Dad workout. HISS! HISS! I get the hard pawrt, though. Paws, I help him work his muscles inside the house. He’ll do just about anything to get outside but he needs to do some exercises inside. A little weight lifting or aerobic exercises will be good. Paws, it’s funny, though, when he does a few deep knee bends or those squats. Suddenly, he’ll be doing them when I start hearing bizarre noises. He creaks and makes other noises that I should not describe in polite company. I run and hide as I don’t know what’s going on. ”

“Meows, I have to give Dad credit. He does try exercising during the year, but sometimes he gets a little lazy, so with the new year, Abby, Noah, and I will push Dad once again to get busy with his exercise routines and keep at it the whole year. When he wants to nap, we’re gonna pounce on him to get busy. Having two Labrador retrievers and a Maine Coon jump on you will keep you from napping too much.”

Another funny part is going to be his diet. He SAYS he will not be eating as much potato chips, candy bars, pizza, drinking sodas, or anything of that excellent stuff that everyone loves but will start eating more of the stuff nobody likes, but they eat it anyway. You know, salads and vegetables. The last time he did this, he made it two days. HISS! What I don’t like is he’s talking about a diet for us too. I’m sure I will not cooperate with that. I’m not the one with the belly hanging almost to my knees and opening doors. HISS!”

Woofs, Dad always aims high for his goals in the New Year. Successes and failures count as successes as long as he keeps trying. Meows.

May you have a blessed New Year! Happy 2022!

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