Dear Editor, 

Are you tired of the Supreme Court expanding gun rights when the vast majority of Americans support universal background checks? Are you tired of the Supreme Court declaring abortion no longer a constitutional right and leaving it up to the states when the vast majority of Americans support Roe v. Wade? 

Sure, Congress could pass a law codifying Roe v. Wade, but certainly not this Congress. And sure, the states could pass laws to protect a woman’s right to choose. But they could also pass laws to restrict abortion further. Governor Youngkin is already calling for a 15-week abortion ban in Virginia. What’s next? Laws to outlaw birth control? 

Unfortunately, we are living through a time when our rights are being taken away, not expanded; and in a time when lawmakers and the Supreme Court are obstructing the overwhelming will of the people. 

You can argue if you want. You can protest if you want. You can write letters to your lawmakers if you want. But the only thing that will really change things is if you vote! Vote for reasonable state and federal legislators who will pass reasonable laws and who will, in turn, nominate reasonable judges. 

We have heard the expression “elections have consequences.” We are feeling the effects of that now. And the only way to change that is to vote. The people have the power, if we would only exercise it.

Barbara Glakas


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