Dear Editor, 

How to write a workable abortion law? In passing a bill to legalize abortion nationwide, legislatures need to rationalize it with what laws are already on the book. The Constitution specifies that we perform a Census and counts each whole, independently living human as one. Yes, Blacks were 3/5 and American Indians not counted at all, but we seem to have fixed that. All of our other laws key from birth date. Most practical disciplines do not count a fetus as a whole or fraction of a person. Even in some secular and religious belief systems a fetus literally does not count. This implies that fetuses do not count and have no rights, so abortion, like any other medical technique should not be limited in any way by government, like similar medical interventions aren’t limited. Almost all laws now and all laws after the measure is adopted would key off actual life and independent birth. This will make interpretation and enforcement of our laws much easier.

In writing the law like this, we will be putting abortion and all other medical practices on a flat playing field. Abortion would no longer have a religiously motivated special status.

Anthony Stirk


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