Dear Editor, 

On Sunday, (Fathers Day), June 18th our family went over there on a lovely cool sunny afternoon. We walked around and saw the animals and along with our grandson, his parents, us, his grandparents, we also had our 13 year old “granddog”. SHE WAS LEASHED as instructed by the signs at the park.

After walking around, we stopped for a water break near the carousel and wagon ride concession. From nowhere, an unleashed dog and its sibling attacked our arthritic sweet LEASHED dog. If you’ve ever tried to pull a determined dog from an attack such as that, it’s nearly impossible! In defense mode, our sweet dog bit her dad instead of the attack (UNLEASHED) dog. Our dog has now spent countless hours (and dollars) at the emergency veterinary clinic in Fairfax with wounds to her arthritic leg because of one family’s negligence. 

And please note that while this was occurring, people were gawking but no one offered any assistance. What if this had been a child, elderly person, disabled person? Would the outcome have been different? Did the negligent family leave their information? Not as far as we know but the park officials have ours. I would hope that the offending family would do the right thing.

Marge Shapira


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