Dear Editor, 

Soon, WETA will do a story about Vienna, from the town of Vienna perspective, who’s trying to sell you on the false reality of the town. The fact is, if you lived here, you’d have neighbors like mine who criminally trespass on your property without any consequences or charges, who throw trash in your yard, who harass you and your pets and yell obscenities in the middle of the night with no consequences or charges. This is what domestic terrorism looks like. Their visitors and service providers park on your side of the street the wrong way (which is illegal), and trespass on your property without any charges or consequences. That’s what entitlement looks like. The politicians lie about not putting sidewalks in and then behind your back, go ahead with the plan to appease the few who actually run the game, when they could spend that money to help students with college funds. You can be singled out at a town event in front of many others and humiliated by town staff. You’ll have speeders driving down your street and no one to address it because you’re not in their circle. Meanwhile the special people have traffic calming devices on their streets. That’s what living in Vienna is really like. Wanna live in a place like that? There’s not a single organization in the town that hasn’t, multiple times, received food, drink, etc. from me over the years, YEARS!! When there’s water main breaks, I bring food and drinks. I even did that for the company that installed the new water line when on my street. When trash and recycling pickup comes, I throw mine in the truck to help. No one else does that. So this goes to show you what Vienna is really like - reality check from the “blue pill” they’ll try to offer you.

Dave Minyard


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