Dear Editor, 

What are your neighbors like in Vienna? Here is an example. Woken up at night on 30 Jun 2021 to the sound of my dog barking and find out there are neighbors from across the street from me on Tazewell Rd NW Vienna in front of my house yelling and cussing at the top of their lungs. They’re terrorizing my dog who obviously was barking because of what was going on. They are hurling their verbal threats, even yelling at me to call the police. They’re in my yard cussing and yelling and it goes on for quite some time. They maliciously yell that they’re standing in my yard and continue cussing, all the time directing it at my house as they are standing looking at my house. Is that legal? Isn’t there a law against abusive people cussing, yelling, and harassing people? What are your neighbors like? It’s the same people whose visitors dump trash in my yard and their workers used my electricity without permission when building their house and used water from another neighbor also without asking permission and nothing was done about it. Then another set of neighbors at the corner of Tazewell Rd and Holmes Drive throw parties and are drinking alcohol in the street at all hours of the night, they have visitors who bring their little kids. Shouldn’t they have their alcohol level tested before they drive? What kind of parents drink alcohol and then go drive with their kids in the car? 

Dave Minyard 

Vienna, VA

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