Dear Editor, 

Now that he’s back from doing the Republican Party’s business on the campaign trail, Gov. Youngkin has set his sights on Virginia’s Clean Car Standards. Under this legislation, about 8% of new cars delivered for sale by manufacturers in Virginia must be EVs (electric vehicles) or hybrid EVs in 2024. The updated Advanced Clean Car Standards increase that percentage beginning in 2025. These standards are in line with many other states, and also with vehicle manufacturers, who are quickly phasing out gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric.

The Clean Car Standards will decrease air pollution, reduce carbon emissions, and provide significant savings for Virginia drivers over the life of their vehicles. And because Clean Car states get priority access to EVs, residents who want an electric car will no longer need to travel to another state, providing a boost to Virginia car dealers.

As a resident of the 34th district, I am proud to have an environmental champion, Chap Petersen, represent me in the State Senate. I’m grateful for Sen. Petersen’s support of the Clean Car Standards and Advanced Standards over the past few years. As a constituent, I encourage him to continue supporting them in 2023 and to help turn back the governor’s pointless attempt to cling to a dying mode of transportation.

Julie Bauer


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