Dear Editor -

It only takes watching one or two school board meetings to quickly learn that the Fairfax County Public School Board is more concerned with your child having a master’s or PhD degree level in Sex Ed over the achievement of basic proficiency in math, science, history, writing and literacy. 

One can be 100% pro LGBTQIA rights but also opposed to the main focus of school board meetings on sexuality, lifestyle preferences and … the condoning of porn in schools. Frankly, we (regardless of sexual orientation) should all be able to get behind the fact that porn in schools of any format is bad, and in particular the defending of novels with graphic writing and images of pedophilia porn in school libraries is horrifying. Children go to school to learn the basics - reading, writing, math, science, history, art, music and gain a foundation in academia to thrive and achieve in adulthood. Students do not go to school to be exposed to pornographic material at the expense of reading the classics, history, and quality literature. If parents truly want to expose their children to such materials, they absolutely can, in the privacy of their own homes. If excerpts from these very books are barred from being read out loud at school board meeting because “there are minors in the audience,” then why in the heck are they in our school libraries? 

You might think - one or two books in a school library are harmless. What else is there to be concerned about? One word for you - surveys.

As young as 11 year olds in Fairfax County Public Schools are being asked - How many times have you done …it in the last 3 months? Would you ever be asked that as an adult? Never. What sick and twisted individuals are asking children these questions. This should be a wake up call to all parents that change is overdue. Our children are falling behind and Virginia ranks number 50 in math in the US. Why? Well, if a top priority for kids as young as age 11 is to discuss “how many times they have done “it””, why wouldn’t academic performance be spiraling? 

See the survey attached for your viewing pleasure. 

To the Fairfax County School Board - Stop pedaling porn to our kids. Stop sexualizing our children. Do your elected job to promote academic achievement.


Elizabeth McCauley - Concerned Mother and Fairfax County Taxpayer 

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