Dear Editor, 

I am writing a response to the article titled, “U.S. Attorney General declares war on parents, as son-in-law’s big tech firm data mines Fairfax Country kids”, published in your newspaper on October 8th, 2021. My name is Michael Daamash and I wanted to expand on the idea that parents are unable to speak out toward their child’s school safety. Families believe their child’s information should be kept private, but FCPS regards their behavior as “quality control” when associating with a third-party consultant (Panorama Education). Biases are thrown around by families discussing that Panorama Education is benefiting because Attorney General Merrick Garland is threatening families through FBI watch lists for voicing their concerns. Understanding that FCPS schools’ security set up secure data exchanges before parents are ever notified is frightening. Once this information was presented to the public of course many families became outraged, I would be too. With all of this in mind do parents have protocols they can take in an attempt to keep their child’s school information safe? Does it become reasonable to send out students’ information, even if it’s to act on child mental health without parent’s knowledge?

Michael Daamash

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