Dear Editor, 

Wake up Fairfax. The County’s One Fairfax policy and misguided notions of “equity” are now being used to justify bringing drag queens into County libraries and community centers and pornography into our public schools. 

In June, the McLean Community Center and Dolly Madison Library co-sponsored a Drag Story Hour in which drag queens and a king were invited to read and perform for toddlers. Even a drag queen who was interviewed for a Fairfax Times article that covered the McLean event acknowledged that these types of performances “are not appropriate for children. They [the queens] are there for an agenda.” See Fairfax Times, July 19, 2021. MCC’s Executive Director justified the event as being “in close alignment with the County’s One Fairfax plan for equity.” Supervisor John Foust and the MCC’s Governing Board seemed to be “all in” with this type of children’s programming. 

Now we have the case of a mother discovering that Fairfax High School was featuring books containing pornographic material, including images, depicting, among other things, pedophilia and fellatio.  Who knew?  When she brought these books to the attention of the FCPS School Board she was cut off before she concluded her public comment session remarks. At least one school board member, Karl Frisch, immediately jumped to the defense of the books, claiming they were consistent with the “Board’s commitment to LGBTQIA+ students, families, and staff.” Although the books appear now to have been “suspended,” they will go through a bureaucratic FCPS committee process, including review by a member—you guessed it—of the Equity and Cultural Responsiveness team.

Is this where “One Fairfax” and “equity” are taking the County?  Stay tuned.  School Board and County elections are coming.

Richard Porter

McLean, VA

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John Brown

Elections are coming? Haha, so you think the same voters that elected the george soros funded DA are going to change their tune. Good luck with that.

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