Dear Editor, 

Another slap for the ham-fisted performance of the Northam administration (statues demolished  on request). The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) was compelled this time to scrutinize the Virginia Employment Commission, whose ineptitudes, despite a reportedly 1,600-percent increase in staff overtime and an additional 473 full-time employees from January 2000 through August 2021, were given a severe JLARC tongue-lashing. JLARC Chairman “Ken” Plum (D-36) fatuously deplores the inevitable “politicized” finger-pointing, to which Plum himself has never notably been a stranger.

“Application of needed resources and a commitment to meet the challenge are essential,” Plum vacuously intones, with no discernible suggestion of practical solutions to the Employment Commission’s deplorable efforts (millions of dollars in overpayments, 4% call-answering rate). The standard Plum remedy of lobbing money (someone else’s) at the problem with more talk and less action will merely guarantee continued Employment Commission deficiencies and further real-life human costs and misery. New leadership needed.

Harry Locock

Herndon, VA

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