Dear Editor, 

Two weeks ago, my wife and I were visiting family in Springfield, VA on our most recent visit to your beautiful area. We noted several times while at restaurants, shopping, or in the hotel the lower percentage of people wearing masks while out in public compared to where we live outside of Columbus, OH. We concluded the fear in the general population of contracting Covid 19 must be lower in your area than in ours.

Given this, we were surprised to see in the news today the Fairfax County Supervisors sent a letter to the Governor asking him to waive the witness-signature requirement on absentee ballots, supposedly because of the risk of the witness contracting the virus.

Since the fear of getting Covid in your area does not seem very high to a casual observer, one has to ask is this really because the polls have tightened in the race between McAuliffe and Youngkin, and has nothing to do with safety? Where was this request months ago when Covid was more prevalent than today and a lower percentage of the population was vaccinated? Could it be because at that point McAuliffe had a comfortable lead in the polls and his election looked likely, but now the outcome is seriously in doubt? Any objective person should question the timing of this request and whether it is really an undisguised attempt to promote the submission of fraudulent absentee ballots without the requirement of a witness signature to verify its proper execution? Just a question to think about from the Buckeye state.

Neal Gearinger

Sunbury, OH

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