Dear Editor -

Crime is soaring, gas prices are at an all-time high, our constitutional rights are being infringed on, and the Virginia values you and I hold dear are under siege. The future of Virginia under a continued Democrat, one-party rule can't continue. 

Parents are being labeled as domestic terrorists for wanting to speak at school board meetings, and Terry McAuliffe is telling parents that they shouldn't be involved with their children's education. 

This has to end. 

My wife and I will not sit back and watch as Democrats abuse their power and hunt us because we speak out against what they designate to be "educational." We won't sit back and let Terry McAuliffe and his allies dictate what our child learns. 

We will stand up and fight for our children, for our principles, and our Commonwealth. We will also be supporting a leader that shares these principles. 

Virginians deserve a leader who transcends politics and serves the people. Glenn Youngkin is that leader, and Glenn has the values, morals, education, experience, and drive to be Governor of our great Commonwealth. 

I served this country in our military to protect our nation from threats abroad, and I know what a real leader looks like. Glenn Youngkin is the leader Virginia needs. 

This is why I wholeheartedly endorse Glenn Youngkin as the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

There has never been a time more critical to make your voice heard and your vote known. As a veteran, a husband, a man of faith, and a father, there's no candidate I trust more to lead our state and protect our freedoms. Please join me and vote Glenn Youngkin for Governor this Tuesday, November 2nd. 

John Castorani is a Republican candidate for United States Congress in Virginia’s Seventh District.

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