Dear Editor - 

With less than a week remaining until Virginians make the choice between Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe, two realities have become clear: voters aren’t interested in big government, and Terry McAuliffe isn’t interested in what matters to voters. Virginia voters know this election is a referendum on Biden’s disastrous first year in office. As Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barrack Obama promote empty and baseless attacks against Glenn Youngkin, Terry McAuliffe himself admitted that Democrats would have to “plow through” Biden’s plummeting approval ratings to win this election. Paying no mind to the outrage over sexual assault cover-ups in Loudoun County, Obama diminished legitimate concerns in Virginia to “phony, trumped-up culture wars.” This speaks to the broader narrative that Democrats have lost touch with how their radical policies impact local communities, and it’s no secret that a vote for Terry is a vote for what Virginians are seeing on the national scale: higher costs, less freedom, and more hypocrisy.

Rachel Worthington

Arlington, VA

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