Dear Editor, 

After reading Professor Victor’s letter to the editor of the Fairfax Times, some might conclude that in just three short paragraphs she managed to slander people she disagrees with as “intolerant”, “homophobic” while categorizing our opinions as “nothing moral”. She also suggests those who think differently from her seek to shame and ostracize the LGBTQ community – does the good professor have one shred of proof for her contention? Not content with what sounds like slandering her opponents, she goes on to malign this newspaper for its supposed “advocating for hate” and salaciousness. It takes one’s breath away to read how much intolerance for opposing opinions she displayed in so few sentences.  Her verbal bombardment could be easily dismissed were it not for the fact that she is an associate professor at a major university whose role is supposed to be fostering a healthy debate among your impressionable students.

I take little comfort in recalling that when I majored in Political Science, professors at our university seemed much more tolerant of opposing views than she seems able to muster. And to add insult to injury, those she maligns are paying her salary as a public employee.

And as for her reference to “modern norms and best practices for journalism” – I think the term is journalistic ethics. I hope she can equally scrutinize the Washington Post for its myriad breaches of those ethics. Perhaps going a bit far afield, I would add the Washington Post does not subscribe to any code of journalistic ethics such as that of the Society of Professional Journalists – easily found with an internet search.

Looking on the bright side, at least she did not call her opponent Klansmen as one visitor did who testified before the McLean Community Center board earlier this month. If this letter write might indulge himself, he would end on a personal note – “keep up the good work of virtue signaling”; given today’s environment she should make full professor in no time. Heck, she probably can ride this horse to president of the university if you can keep up your strident tone in the coming years.

Nicholas Kalis, JD


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