Dear Editor, 

Thank you for your article in the December 3 edition of the Fairfax Times regarding re-introduction of pornographic books to the libraries of Fairfax County Middle and High School libraries.

I had previously checked out both books in question from the Fairfax County Public Library when this first became an issue.

My concern is that this is about pedophilia, not just pornography. 

The bookLawn Boy, cited in your article, clearly promotes that it is perfectly all right for a young underage boy to sexually service an adult male. The young boy’s own words in the book say that his sexual encounter with the adult male was not so bad. As far as I know, pedophilia is still illegal in this state. If a book is promoting young people tocommit a crime, why is it “legal” to encourage the book for young readers. This week we learned about the practice of sexual “groomingof underage girls, as seen in the court testimony of the Jeffrey Epstein trial. That is what “Lawn Boy” is doing.

Furthermore, I did not realize, until I read your article today, that the members of the Fairfax County Public School’s review committees were not publicly identified. 

How do we know what type of people were chosen?  Why is it a secret? Were background checks conducted? Do any have former sex crime backgrounds? How many were from the LGBTQ community and how many were heterosexual parents with children currently in Fairfax County schools? Are all the members of the committees registered voters of a single political party? Are the members allowed to speak to the press? How do we know that the membership of the review committees comply with Fairfax County’s own One Fairfax diversity, equity and inclusiveness standards? 

Clearly, these committees have absolutely no legitimacy. Parents should be outraged.

Bill Denk

Great Falls

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