It is not unknown that the media and news broadcasts are quick to spew negative news revolving around people of color. The media will do everything in their power to report on the tragedies, fatalities, and unfortunate news of victims who have fallen to suspects. This is not the case for the Hispanic community at least not in American media. Well-known newscasts such as NBC4, FOX5, and more report on depicting the Hispanic community as criminals. As viewers turned on the television before to keep up to date with what is going on in their local community, they are more than likely to see a Hispanic/Latino individual committing yet another criminal act. 

Here in Virginia plenty of counties such as Fairfax County are fast to jump on and report the crimes that are committed by “MS-13” also known as Mara Salvatrucha. Yes, these are valid crimes that should be reported to the public at all times during news broadcasts. But, why not report on the successes or the impact that Hispanics make on our community positively? It is almost guaranteed that there are plenty of “doing good” for the community, especially for our local community here in Fairfax go unheard because it does reach our local news at all. 

Yes, the news can only cover so much that they may run out of time to cover the positivity that revolves around the Hispanic community. Yet they still make the time to cover positive news that does not involve the population of Hispanics. Acts of kindness, giving back to the community, and successes of many individuals are reported to news broadcasts where they report to the public for others to see. This is not the case for the Hispanic community, as they have an unfair label on them when they are one of the most hardworking individuals in our local Fairfax County community. Not only just for our local community but our country as a whole. 

Hispanics are not criminals point blank, but the media is putting the community at risk by doing otherwise by making them feel unsafe. When news breaks out when a Hispanic individual commits a legitimate crime, the first reactions we would get are “send them back to their country” or “They’re illegal.” It is not ideal to assume someone is illegal based on the color of their skin or how they look.

American media has failed the Hispanic community to provide information about victims who are Hispanic that have faced police brutality or fallen victim to a criminal. It is almost never heard in the media that Hispanics are facing racism as many of them may receive unfortunate racial comments from individuals and sometimes can’t understand since most of the native language for the community is Spanish.

However, local news broadcasts such as Telemundo and Univision find no problem reporting on positive news about the Hispanic community and being a voice for them when they are put as victims. It would never be seen on American media as the tragic news of when Hispanics fall victim or share the successes of the Latino community. Why does it have to take for Telemundo and Univision to shine light and positivity on the Latino community?

It strips away the rights of the Hispanic community to feel safe in a country where they can be themselves and strive for success. If local Spanish news broadcasts are able to report on all news for the Hispanic community, it shouldn’t be a problem for American media to take at least some time to report about them positively. 

The final consensus comes as more news comes out. How long will it take for American media to realize their mistakes and finally report on the successes of the Hispanic community, not just the criminal acts committed by them? When unfortunate tragedies, crimes, or racial attacks happen to Hispanics, who will be the one to report it? Only Telemundo and Univision? 

So what can be done to help local news broadcasts report more positive news revolving around the Hispanic community? Our local community here in Fairfax County can be an advocate for the population of Hispanics that live in this county. Reach out to local officials, news broadcasts, and even the Governor of Virginia to voice your concern. 

Anthony Palacios is an undergraduate student at George Mason University.

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