Dear Editor, 

To Senator Marsden.

I was very disappointed to see you were one of only 9 “nay” votes today on Sen. Petersen’s amendment to SB739.

Fairfax County school children are now in their THIRD year of disrupted learning. To adults, three years goes by in a flash.  To an 8 year old, three years feels like a lifetime.  Our youngest learners are struggling to learn to read and write because they can’t see lips moving, or hear unmuffled sounds.  They aren’t learning basic social cues derived from facial expression.  

Under FCPS’s “universal masking” policy, students in SPEECH THERAPY ARE REQUIRED TO MASK for their one-on-one speech/auditory services. 

Graduating seniors haven’t had a normal year of school since they were freshman. 

The forced masking of children is a travesty.  The rest of society has progressed to a mask-optional state and, yet, we continue to burden our youngest citizens with the harshest Covid restrictions.  It’s wholly unfair, and children ought to be prioritized, not punished.  We act as though Covid is somehow more transmissible inside school buildings than anywhere else in Fairfax County, despite having the science and data to prove otherwise.

This vote is not a partisan issue.  It’s an issue of human decency.  I implore you to show some compassion and care for your youngest constituents. Please support SB 739, and rethink your position on today’s amendment. Choose to be on the right side of history by prioritizing the needs of children.

Sincerely yours,

Christy Hudson



Fairfax County Parents Association

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Our children are both stronger and more resilient than the letter writer supposes.

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