Dear Editor, 

We have reluctantly left the Fairfax County Public School system.  It was once sought after for its academics but is now in shambles.  Your names will forever be tied to the destruction of educational excellence at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ).  

Since at least summer of 2020 you, Mr. Brabrand and Ms. Bonitatibus, with the Northam administration and the School Board, have worked in lockstep to dismantle the race-blind, merit-based standardized admissions test, which had helped to create a unique school consistently ranked as the top public school in the nation.  That test successfully identified remarkable students and gifted learners and produced an environment where they motivated each other to become future scientists, doctors, engineers, and leaders.

For us it was a cause for joy for our child to gain admission to TJ.  It was something to strive for, for thousands of families across Northern Virginia.  No more.  Ralph Northam and other ideologues like yourselves have sacrificed academic excellence on the altar of «equity,” and with it, the efforts of countless children.

You have set political ideology and indoctrination upon our classrooms.  You have traded away academic rigor and made teacher licensure a «culturally responsive» bargain.  Last year, on Back to School night, when I inquired about the history curriculum’s apparent fixation on the «dispossessed» and «oppressed,» my child’s teacher at TJ lectured me.  I was disappointed that he thought that a more balanced and honest view should be dismissed.  As with Social Studies, classical Western literature now takes a backseat to world literature.  Each time I asked my child about the latest book read in English class, it was rarely part of the Western canon.  In March, during a mandatory lesson on Social Emotional Learning, TJ introduced CRT propaganda, in BLM-branded slides.  You, Bonitatibus, knowingly violated FCPS regulation 3007.3 by exposing children as young as 9th grade to TV-MA media without parental consent.  You also brought in an outside 501c(4) political lobbying group who admonished students, «America is not the land of equality....[You] have to be actively anti-racist....Simply not being racist, not doing bad things, isn’t an option....Take an active stance in calling out your classmates.» Even Salsa dancing at the school’s international themed events they deemed cultural appropriation.  

A nightmare is descending on this land of dreams, where children are now taught that America is systemically racist and to reflexively presume the motives of others.  Group identity and a form of tribalism are celebrated and individual accomplishment is demeaned.

 We reject this and are now refugees from Fairfax County Public Schools.  We have left a school system where a narrow-minded herd mentality and a new brand of racism are being instituted and children are being prepared not for the future but for a lifetime of destructive activism.  Children deserve so much better.

To employ someone like you, Bonitatibus, a fox in a hen house, who doesn’t respect or understand the academic needs of a school for the gifted, much less one focused on STEM, is educational malpractice.


Suparna and Ted Dutta

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This is the most fantastic piece of propaganda that Suparna has managed yet. Anyone else think it odd that her husband, Ted Breinig, won't sign his own name? I guess he's embarrassed, appropriately. Suparna may want to include a few facts: her child was taking world lit because he was in 10th grade. This year, he'll be taking US history and US literature - that's the standard VA curriculum. Moreover, if you would print the letter Suparna sent to the principal of TJ - where she signed as a committee rather than as herself (though she had no authority to sign for the committee since no vote was taken) - you'd see she's probably just too embarrassed to return to TJ. But yeah...way to make up a good cover story.


Excellent read and to the point!

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