Dear Editor, 

The Fairfax County government is waging a broad campaign to normalize homo-erotic material with youngsters through county schools, libraries, and community centers.  This campaign implements faithfully the Board of Supervisors’ policy document “One Fairfax”, which directs all county agencies to promote LGBTQ “inclusion.”  

Local media reported on the outrage at the September 23 meeting of the school board over pornographic material in the school libraries.  At Fairfax High, the school library put on prominent display an array of LGBTQ-themed books that included the comic-book novel Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe. Page 167 features two panels clearly depicting one of the high-school aged protagonists acting out oral sex on another high-schooler. The school also promoted Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison, which loaded with similar material. For instance, on page 91, one male character graphically describes engaging in fellatio with male minors.   These books are in a number of Fairfax public school libraries. 

Once exposed, the school system hastily announced that a committee would “review” the two books. But we need to know what other, similar material the system is pushing on children.   

In parallel with this barrage of indoctrination by the county public school system, the county public libraries and the McLean Community Center (MCC) are bombarding even younger children with events like the drag queen story hour of June 26, when three drag performers were paid with taxpayers’ funds to perform in front of children aged 4 through 8 (“Drag Storybook Hour Gets Mixed Reviews”, Fairfax Times, July 16, 2021).  When concerned taxpayers raised this incident with Supervisor John Foust, he made it clear that he would take no action to block future taxpayer-funded drag performances for children.  In October, MCC ‘s “LGBTQ+ Ally Week” will include an event advertised as aimed at children “aged six and up.”  And we should expect more of this.

Foust and other county supervisors need to stop spending our tax dollars on sexually explicit materials and events for children.  I hope your readers will contact their reps on the board of supervisors and join the many Fairfax taxpayers who have already registered their opposition.

Christopher Henzel

McLean, VA


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Lou Loomis

Enough! John Foust is supposed to represent McLean in the county government. How can he possibly defend this?

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