Dear Editor, 

I have lived in Fairfax County for over 35 years and have noted that, despite our being a County Executive form of government (, you would no longer know it. More recent Fairfax County residents may not have seen the vivid trend from the past, the various County Executives we had previously maintained a high profile.  The C ounty Executive was constantly in the news and press discussing county issues and policies and how he was doing things to make Fairfax County a better place to live and to assure the Fairfax County has a well managed bureaucracy. There has been a trend in recent years to silence (my viewpoint) the county executive and only allow the political members of the Board of Supervisors and the Chairman to speak about county activities and when so, primarily through a political lens.  The current County Executive took over on January 2, 2018 but I am sure very few of  the public know his name. We never here from the County Executive (who is very well compensated -$268,000) who is supposed to be a professional neutral voice regarding county activities and spending priorities and issues.  Has anyone else noticed this change?  Is there a problem with this change? Does the county only speak through the political lens of the Chairman rather than a professional well compensated County Executive manager?  And remember, Fairfax County spends over $10B a year without any independent auditor or inspector general to provide oversight. Consequently we need to depend on our County Executive to provide efficient use of our tax dollars.

William Denk

Great Falls, VA

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