Dear Editor, 

  I’m a 6th grader at Poplar Tree Elementary School and because of COVID-19 we’ve had to give up a lot this year. Now we have to give up more. Starting September 2 we will not have snack before lunch. This is very agitating because in higher [elementary] grades lunch is much later in the day. For example, in 6th grade we have lunch around 1:05 p.m. Students get hungry and thirsty before lunch and if we don’t eat, we get tired and it becomes hard to concentrate on the teacher’s lessons. It is hard to learn when you are only thinking about what is in your lunchbox! Last week we were eating snack in our classroom, but now the school policy has changed and students are only able to eat snack outside. I understand that for the virus purposes it is much safer to eat outside. This works great for classrooms close to the door, but the 6th grade classrooms are far away from the door. The 6th grade teachers don’t think it’s worth it to walk all the way downstairs just to eat outside for 5 minutes then walk all the way back up again. I think we should spend the time to go outside and have our snack. It will help us learn history and writing better.

A Hungry And Thirsty Sixth Grader

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