Dear Editor, 

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons, or NAACP, conjures the image of Black civil rights activists, fighting against racial injustice and serving as a legitimate voice of the Black community. 

What is often overlooked is the heavy white influence and, in many cases, control of local chapters. That’s what is happening in the Fairfax County NAACP chapter, weaponized as a vehicle to advance the Black community but actually used to benefit affluent white households. 

We’ve seen this happen over the past 18 months with the push for admission reforms to advanced academic programs in Northern Virginia. And this past week, the NAACP is pushing to oppose a parking lot for the mostly minority students at Justice High School, to protect a park used by the mostly affluent white families in the neighborhood.

The Black community within Fairfax County is spread out throughout the county, and the only high concentration is in the southeastern portion of the county. Admittedly, this area is lower-income, with 41 percent of the Black population WHERE meeting the criteria of being low-income, according to U.S. Census statistics. 

So how did the Fairfax NAACP become white-controlled, not just by any whites, but wealthy woke whites that reside in mostly white parts of the county, and what impact are they having? 

We are talking about Fairfax NAACP members such as Vanessa Hall, a local white mother and activist, and Matt Levi, a local white Fairfax County Public Schools teacher who harassed parents of color, including me, with an anonymous Twitter account. They act like they are playing Black revolutionaries in cosplay. They are the “polite racists” that Malcolm X warned about. 

Let’s go over their biggest hits of this year and how they are harming the community they claim to help.

For starters, they have used the NAACP platform to benefit the white community in admissions to TJ. A merit lottery proposal that the NAACP supported in the fall of 2020 to replace the merit-based, race-blind admissions process to TJ would have made gifted black children’s opportunities to attend TJ infinitesimal, but it would have made the white community a plurality at the school. The revised admission process used today has led to an increase in white students. We also have the case of the Loudoun County NAACP chapter whose influence was instrumental in creating increased white enrollment at the Loudoun County Academy of Science and the Loudoun County Academy of Engineering. 

Second, the NAACP has used it as a platform to target other communities, specifically the Asian community when it comes to TJ admissions, with the first lottery merit-lottery and the revised system we have today, designed to lower the number of Asians admitted as they prefer to relabel members of that community as “white adjacent.”

Third, they seek to marginalize the Black elite by kicking out or denying leadership roles to Black members that may have a viewpoint that opposes theirs. I experienced this firsthand in the fall of 2020 when I was kicked out of a Fairfax NAACP general membership meeting by then-President Sean Perryman. I brought to his attention that the organization’s endorsement of Thomas Jefferson High for Science and Technology admission changes would marginalize gifted Black children in Fairfax County. This type of paternalistic woke racism robs those actually in the Black community of a voice that civil rights leaders Martin Luther King and Malcom X fought so hard to achieve. 

Fourth, and most disturbingly, they have used their platform to advocate and endorse pedophilia and grooming books for children. On October 7, the Fairfax NAACP published a newsletter, summoning members to join a rally at Luther Jackson Middle School to support the inclusion of two controversial books, Gender Queer and Lawn Boy, in solidarity with a local group, Fairfax Pride. Both books include porn and pedophilia.

Over the next weeks, I visited several black barbershops and churches and showed folks inside the Fairfax NAACP and images and text from the books. Our Black community members expressed outrage. They are being misrepresented in such a manner without their knowledge or consent. 

Lastly, they also take positions that are contrary to the interests of the Black community, notably, their work against school choice. Over 70 percent of Black households favor school choice so our children do not have to attend schools that fail to serve them, according to findings from the National Coalition for Public School Options and the Democrats for Education Reform. The lost year of learning during the pandemic disproportionately impacted the Black community. Those least impacted were those families that could afford to send their children to private school or opt for homeschooling.

In Fairfax, there are increasing numbers of Black households, myself among them, that have opted to homeschool. We believe in school choice and find it appalling that a largely white-controlled Fairfax NAACP chapter advocates against our interests and supports the interests of the Fairfax County Public School workforce and affiliated teachers’ unions, with their mostly white teachers. 

We must dispense with “white fragility” and cease providing racial comfort to these activists that do more harm than good. These white woke racists that have colonized the Fairfax NAACP are acolytes adhering to the faith of third-wave “antiracism,” with the genuine belief that Black people are simpletons and need their help. They are not acting in our best interests but rather soothe their white guilt and virtue signal at our expense. 

To quote C.S. Lewis, “...those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” 

Harry Jackson

Former naval officer

Former president of the Thomas Jefferson Parent Teacher Student Association

Vice president and diversity chair of the Fairfax County Association for the Gifted

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